Spearfishing in Maui

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Spearfishing is a delicious hunting and fishing cocktail.  Spearfishing in Maui combines this cocktail with the sun and beaches of an action packed family vacation.

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How to spearfish?

It is actually very easy to crack the door on the world of spearfishing. We spent 5 hours with Topshot Spearfishing last year. They gave us a fabulous introduction to free diving and spearfishing and by the days end we were collecting our own dinner. They gave us the lowdown on what fishes were yummy and which ones to avoid.

Spearfishing in Maui

The rules are very simple in Maui, they can be found here. Besides a couple areas identified as reserves in the regulations, you can spearfish anywhere you want. We avoid the popular snorkeling spots and try to find areas that have decent reefs or rocks that hold the fish. You will quickly get to know the types of area that will be productive.

What kind of gear do I need?

The gun is wonderfully simple, like a slingshot that shoots a spear. A simple gun has a length of line attached between the gun and the spear while a gun intended for bigger fish will include a reel. We picked up all the gear we required (about $400 worth) at Maui Sporting goods in Kahului. The bare essentials are as follows:

  • Speargun (I got a Seac Ocean Fire 95)
  • Dive knife (straps to your ankle, waist etc)
  • Weight belt (way easier to dive with the appropriate amount of weight)
  • Snorkel gear (mask, snorkel, fins)
  • dive float (with flag, fish stringer, and anchor line)
  • Gloves (because the coral and fishes are sharp)
  • Spearfishing dive shirt (has a chest pad, for loading the gun)

What kind of fish can I shoot while Spearfishing in Maui?

Theres a zillion fish inhabiting the reefs of Maui. We found the easier fish to track down are the orange tang surgeon fish and the black durgeon. These fish are awesome in sushi, poke and deep fried in tempura.

Orange Tang - Spearfishing in Maui Black Durgeon - Spearfishing in Maui

Sushi in Maui - Spearfishing in Maui

Other fish we target are the rudder fish, goat fish and snapper. They are awesome deep fried, roasted or on the BBQ.

Rudderf Fish - Spearfishing in Maui

Goat Fish - Spearfishing in Maui

Snapper - Spearfishing in Maui

The Peacock grouper (Also known as ROI) is an invasive and destructive species that should be killed given the opportunity (unfortunately they commonly contain a harmful toxin and should not be eaten).

Peacock Grouper - Spearfishing in Maui

Let us know what you think of Spearfishing in Maui.  Got questions on how it works, leave us a comment below and we’ll tell you what we know.  Feel free to try out the fancy like or share buttons below.  If you like it, subscribe, you’ll get the next off grid adventure video emailed right to your doorstep.

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Fish Tacos - Spearfishing in Maui

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