A little iNTRODUCTION – Life in the Woods

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We’ve been waiting anxiously to share a few stories with you.  Waiting for a bit of an introduction.  Waiting for the right time to share our life in the woods with you.

1) the quality or state of being gridless
Jeff and the girls have built a life in the woods, off grid, and with less rules.  They have an aura of gridlessness about them

We’ve been fairly intentional about avoiding commitments to the typical stuff.  We didn’t really like the mortgage or the costs associated with a normal house.  We didn’t like the school and extracurricular schedule, it didn’t exactly bring us all together.  We figure that the world could use a few kids from outside the box.  And so, we have transitioned to a little off grid house in the woods.

We didn’t go Survivor Man or anything, and we’re not luddites.  We just opted for a nice piece of cheap land that we could build on, live on and play on.  We dumped the mortgage, utility bills and the “program”.  We heat with wood, cook with wood, collect rainwater, utilize a grey-water system and the most awesome composting toilet “system” ever.  We built our house for around 20k.  Its amazing how cheap things can be if they don’t need to be 100% automatic.

With a lot more free time we can collect our food the long way; by hunting and fishing, gathering, gardening and beekeeping.  The pursuit of food is a central element to our life in the woods.  We build all sorts of things out of all sorts of things; living roof houses, straw bale shops, culvert cold rooms and tree houses.

The kids are a part of everything we do.  They’re not un-schooled, but close to it.  They are learning life first hand and overcoming new challenges every day.

Thanks for checking out our Life in the Woods.

See if you can spot the bacon in this video!


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