Hunting Haida Gwaii

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Fishing in Haida Gwaii is awesome.  It’s just too bad there’s nothing else to do when your not out on the water…. Oh wait! You can hunt deer all day long! Deer Hunting Haida Gwaii is like duck hunting; you’re definitely gonna get an opportunity and if you’re successful you can stuff it in your backpack.  This makes it the ideal hunt for the kids:

There are plethora deer on the island, so many that the bag limit is 5 each.  They are tiny and tasty and easy to hunt.  We mostly drove to old clear cuts and walked through them nice and slow.  If we were out for a couple hours we would typically see 5-10 deer.


The season is any buck in the summer and any deer the rest of the year (closed April-June).  With a couple new hunters hoping to harvest their first big game we made certain to wait for the best circumstances.  We passed on a number of bucks that were too far or did not provide the best shot.  Both new hunters got their deer with one shot for a quick, clean kill.

Even I was allowed to shoot one, I think the kids just wanted me to feel like I was contributing.


And, as always, we end up having to deal with steak on the beach, Unbelievable!


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4 thoughts on “Hunting Haida Gwaii

  1. Nice post! Loved the video and glad to see you’re passing along hunting and fishing knowledge to the young’uns. That’s crazy that there are so many deer in that area. Any reasons why?

    • Thanks Greg, the deer were apparently introduced to the island a long time ago and there are no wolves or coyotes to keep the numbers down.

  2. Saw your video on Youtube love it especially the smile on the kids.

    Would like to know more hunting Sitka deer on the island for non-resident (from Ontario).


    • Hello, as far as I know you must purchase a non resident license and hunt with a local bc resident. But you should double check that. Glad that you liked the video!

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