Townies get on their gridlessness!

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Townies invade Tippercreek! It happens once a year, they come from all over, and descend on our peaceful little parcel in the woods.  It’s wonderfully disruptive when townies get on their gridlessness!

Just in case the townies didn’t know how to use the composting toilet outhouse:

townies get on their gridlessness

All the kids got a ride on the horses:

townies get on their gridlessness

the river was perfectly peaceful when we got there it didn’t last long!

townies get on their gridlessness

The donuts were better then ever, one per child, two per adult.

townies get on their gridlessness

the campfire music was like none other, 3 piece strings!

townies get on their gridlessness

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11 thoughts on “Townies get on their gridlessness!

  1. Looks like fun! Sorry we missed it. Hopefully next time (?)
    Thanks for all the videos and stories, our family loves watching them. Haven’t missed one yet.
    You might just convince us to one day make the leap to gridlessness.
    Jarrod & Jo-Ann

  2. Loved the video! Can’t wait to share it with my husband. Although our children are now all grown (would loved to have done this when they were small) we have talked and researched about downsizing for several years now. I want to simplify and downsize and my husband likes the idea of living off the grid. We are also from Canada and it was informative to see how you deal with the issues of water, snow removal and power sources which are main concerns when living where winter concerns need to be addressed.
    What a wonderful and thoughtful opportunity you are providing for your family. Looking forward to following you here and on you tube.
    Thanks again for sharing!

    Linda B.

  3. Kudos to you and your family! Well done! As I pursue something similar I am curious about the make/ model of the Lithium Ferrous Phosphate battery you show in you video. Are you happy with it? Amazing how only one of those replaces 12 lead-acid

    • The Simpliphi Li-ion batteries have been great, they have so many advantages over lead-acid and are actually cheaper considering their life-span.

  4. Hey guys. Just watched the video on Exploring Alternatives. Great stuff.

    We use a wood fired 40 gallon stainless steel “kettle” for our family hot water needs. The Amish and the Mennonite communities sell them. I can send a photo if you like or you can find it at our Facebook page “Freesong Farm”.

    Good luck with everything!

  5. We loved all the videos especially since we were their and enjoyed all of it with you. Thank you again for the amazing adventures that we experienced with you all.

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