Gridlessness Explained

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Hey All, it seems we finally have a video that explains a few things.  Our friends at Exploring Alternatives made a beautiful video that we happen to be in, Gridlessness Explained:

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8 thoughts on “Gridlessness Explained

  1. I am Canadian I am looking to build a homestead
    I have A few Questions:
    1) How much was the vacant land in your area? (Is there bargains or deals?)
    2) Is there any 50+ Acres for sale in that area? (My goal is 100Acres)
    3) Are they private sales or through an agent? (Do you have recommended links)
    4) In what part of BC is this? (I love the mountains in your pictures)

    • hey Michel, we are in north-central BC, so land prices are pretty reasonable. Wilderness properties like ours don’t come along very often but larger unserviced farm land is not uncommon and can be as little as $500/acre (check We spend time in the Rocky mountains as well as the coast mountains of the south Chilcotin.

  2. Hey guys, I applaud what you’ve built, what you’re doing and your lifestyle but wanted to ask a few questions.
    From the video tour it appears your home has many BC building code violations (No air exchanger, no running water, non approved composting toilet system to name a few obvious ones) and possibly many more not shown in the clip.
    Is there any concern the publicity from your channel and the Exploring Alternatives video tour will cause a building inspector or worse yet Child and Family Services to come for an inspection?
    I know there are others living this lifestyle while maintaining a social media prescience (and probably lots more living off the grid and under the radar as well) but I was also wondering if you’re doing so as an act of civil disobedience?

    • Thanks for asking Tim. When we moved onto the property we lived in a tent while we built a bigger better shelter. I’m confident our “house” is safe and healthy and so I have not been concerned about the building code so much. If anyone gives us trouble, I’ll push the “house” over, compost it, and moved back into the tent. That’ll be my civil disobedience.

  3. Love your video! We can vouch for you because we have seen it all and experienced it with you! You guys are awesome!

  4. Hi! I thought it was not possible for me to go gridless until i saw that you had a full fridge and freezer on solar! To get powerlines to our location would cost thousands.

    Can i have the recipe for your solar setup?

    How much did your solar setup cost?

    Feel free to email me details.


    • Hey Maren,

      We have a 3000W solar system that powers our fridge and freezer. Depending on where you live you may be able to get away with a smaller system. A good ballpark estimate for a similar off-grid solar system is around $4/W (or in our case around $12,000). This price could vary widely depending on your location and the type of batteries you choose. Good luck with your place!

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