The Perfect Kid Caliber: 243

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Well, it’s time to usher in a new big game hunter, and you can’t be a big game hunter unless you shoot a big girl gun.  The perfect kid caliber for us is the .243:

It’s a pretty special birthday when you get Federal .243 shells, hearing protection and a couple paper targets.  Time to do some target shooting!

The .243 has been a huge success for us.  Not only has it cleanly killed a variety of big game animals, but it can be safely shot by the smallest of kids.  Without much kick, it offers them a chance to target shoot and hunt with the same gun.

Not bad for the fist time shooting a centre fire:

perfect kid caliber

We had just put a new scope on the Tikka so we had to sight it in.  Her first group was taken at 25 yards and was under an inch.  Confident we would hit the target, we moved back to 100 yards and she piled them up in a two inch group high and to the left.  After making necessary windage and elevation adjustments to the scope, she put down another nice 2″ group at an inch high.

I’m thinking she’ll have no problem when we put a deer in front of her.

Check out last years moose hunt with the same gun, and the first Annual All Girls Tannerite Shooting Competition.

What’s the perfect kid caliber for you? Let us know, throw us a like or share us with your circle of shooters.  Think kids and guns should be separated?  Me too, lets expose this nonsense to the world by exposing this post on facebook!

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3 thoughts on “The Perfect Kid Caliber: 243

  1. You got me thinking. Haven’t seen the video yet, but the thinking has started. I have always been against guns. They are the biggest problem that “we” produce. So should I watch the video?

    • Kenneth, If used in the correctly and in a safe way, guns can be very useful. We do our best to harvest animals in a humane way. We use as much of the animal as possible with minimal waste. We raise our kids in this way and hope that they will share their knowledge and respect with their kids one day.

      • Really no arguments against what you say. But I don’t like the idea of city fools looking at this and then buying a gun to “look cool”. That is not going to happen in Europe or Asia or Africa but there is a country where the people are shooting each other on the streets and they are not going to be consuming any parts. The land of waste is not too far from your kitchen and sadly moving closer by the day.
        In your situation what you are doing is 100% sensible, but the wrong audience may connect. Maybe I am just too sensitive.

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