Squeezing Goat Teats: Getting Milk

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I can’t hide it, this goat has me mesmerized.  The miracle of squeezing goat teats has arrived at Tippercreek and I’m almost speechless:

Its crazy to get such yummy milk out of the hairy teat of a little goat.  Crazy, but true. We’ve had goats before and loved them but never had occasion to milk them.  Its been a long time coming and its even better than I had hoped.  The milking only takes a few minutes and is super yummy.

I’m not sure what’s more exciting about this arrangement; the milk or the vegetation control.  That’s the beauty of goats, they eat all the woody, prickly stuff that fancier animals avoid.  They are perfectly suited to prosper on the litany of willow and poplar around here.

Squeezing goat Teats

We built a simple little milking stand that seems to do the trick.  It holds her in place while she eats grain and we get to milk her at a much more convenient height (rather than 8 inches off the ground).  We don’t have a barn at this point, so the horse trailer is doubling as our milking parlour for now.  It works great.

Goats are notorious for escaping.  We’ve been using 4 strand electric fence and it has worked well so far.  The baby has blasted through it at high speeds when she gets excited but has quickly returned to momma inside the fence.  Under normal circumstances they have avoided it and haven’t tested it like they would a “normal” fence.

The baby is a couple months old and still nurses a little.  Stealing milk is what I call it, and she won’t be doing it for too much longer.  Once we goat proof a few more of our fences we’ll be able to separate them for a bit and ween her completely.

Squeezing Goat Teats

Love milking goats and milking goats and drinking goat milk?  Share this story with your whole herd, goats and sheep alike. Think squeezing goat teats is for hillbillies and sillybillies?  I can’t believe I just committed to the word sillybillies on the internets.  Never mind. I need to re-think just exactly what I’m doing.  Sillybilly.

have you checked out our Birch Beer Video?  Beer and milk, that’s a thing for sure.

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