The Man Hairdresser: You can’t drive all the way to town for a haircut, that’s crazy!

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Rose says “I need a haircut”… and the drama begins.  I transform into a tender and inspired hair artist, the girls stream into my boutique hair salon, and the magic begins. The Man Hairdresser of Tippercreek…new styles, zero miles.

When you live off grid in the woods, even a simple haircut is an excuse to have some fun. Check out the real haircuts of Tippercreek here:

It really is crazy to think that we would pay $50 for a haircut, even if we did live in a town. Haircutting is easy, if youtube can do it, so can you.  This girls video is a great example of terrible music and a cheap trim.

The Man Hairdresser

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13 thoughts on “The Man Hairdresser: You can’t drive all the way to town for a haircut, that’s crazy!

  1. This was great! Sure hope we get back up to BC to see you all again someday! Cheri and I talk about doing a sister trip!

  2. Well, I was inspired and tried your technique by setting up a booth at the local flea market………doctor says my injuries should heal in 4-6 weeks. 🙂

  3. This is awesome Rose!! I amsiiverduefira haircut but money keeps going to hockey or rugby or basketball shoes for kids….think I need Steve to give this a try.

  4. Jeffrey William!!! You cut my hair in art class like 20 years ago!! I had no idea you’d be so successful at it. Seriously, love your guys’ blog, it makes me smile.

    • Thanks Heidi, I’m glad you like the videos. 20 years ago in art class…Darla Harvey must have convinced you that it was a good idea.

  5. If you guys were to build a ‘guest’ room on your house, I would PAY to stay there. For a week or two weeks or a month. I live in Northern Saskatchewan on 160 acres, but on grid, although we hunt our own meat, and raise all our own fruit and veggies. Just need a goat and some chickens. You guys are amazing.

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