Snaring Rabbits and Making Rabbit Stew

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Snaring rabbits is one of the easiest and most rewarding outdoor winter activities.  Making rabbit stew is even easier, because Rose does it. In an effort to be accurate please be aware that the rabbits I refer to are actually snowshoe hares (which are essentially super yummy rabbits).

Check out our video, Snaring Rabbits with Jeff and Dave below and our Rabbit Snaring Guide for Townies, below that.

Rabbit Snaring Guide for Townies:

You must first employ your greatest sleuthing skills to track down some rabbit tracks. They look like this:

Snowshoe Hare Tracks

Next, find a place where they make a well packed trail through a narrow opening in the brush.  Take about 24″ of light wire (22 or 24 guage) and make a small loop.  Feed the other end of the wire through the small loop to make a big loop about 5″ across.  Twist the free end of the snare wire around a sturdy branch and position the snare like so:

Rabbit snare

Poke a few sticks in the ground on either side of snare and and angle some underneath the snare.  This ensures the rabbit keeps its head up and hops through instead of going around.

Then return to your cabin in the woods and grow giddy with anticipation! Check your snare every day until you have collected enough participants for the rabbit stew study (three rabbits makes a big pot of stew).

Take your participants to the kitchen sink. You can use a knife to get things started but rabbits are made to be cleaned, most all their non-meat parts just pull off.  Remove anything that you do not want to eat.  Rinse the rest off and cut into fry-able pieces.

Coat with flour, salt and pepper. Sear on each side for a minute in bacon fat.  Throw in pot with onions and this home made cream of chicken soup.  Cook low and slow for a long time.  Enjoy. (Rose says my recipe/instructions suck.  If you want the details, leave a comment and Rose will oblige)


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