Tannerite is for girls: Shooting Competition

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Tannerite is for girls.  Why not eh? One of the main reasons we live like we do is that we can have whatever kind of fun we want.  Tannerite fits that description.

Tannerite is an exploding rifle target.  It eliminates the question of wether you hit the target or not.  You feel the slight shock wave, watch the “smoke” fade away and are immediately re-assured.

All the girls are handy with guns so a little timed competition was a great way to test their fortitude under pressure.  What a lot of fun.  I’m not entirely certain there are any homeschool credits we can squeeze out of this one but I feel it’s worthwhile anyways.

Check out the video here:

I know that some out there are questioning our gridlessness, “why aren’t they doing more work?”.  “Shouldn’t they be chopping wood and milking pigs and sewing cloths?”.  “I want to see the video of Jeff emptying the composting toilet!”.  Truth is, all the work is buried under feet of snow and what better time then to find something fun to engage in.  To those who long for some more typical off grid stuff, check back next week for our Rabbit Snaring Expedition.  The video features the ever clever slender neighbour; Dave.

The song in the video is Motivated by NF (Nate Feuerstein), who is awesome.  I think his music is a perfect example of what to do with anger; write about it and sing about it and avoid being controlled by it.

Let us know what you think about Tannerite is for girls, try out the fancy like or share buttons below.  Anyone got any great ideas for our next shooting spree, got a great exploding target story?  Leave us a comment and subscribe, you’ll get the next offgrid adventure video emailed right to your doorstep.


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